Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hi everybody.  I can't believe it's been since Nov since I posted.  I have had so much going on since then.  Out of the blue, my son who lived in Chicago was offered a fantastic job and it just so happened it was here at home in Cleveland.  So getting him moved and buying a car and all that comes with that, life has been very busy for me and then throw in the holidays.

Finally things have slowed down enough for me to get back into the grove of hooking again.  I chose a reproduction of an antique rug hooked by Nancy Shippey.  This rug is 160 years old, wow!  Mine will be about 36" x 60".  This will be my most challenging rug yet not because of it's size but the color planning.  I hook with a great group of girls and sure they will give me a hand when needed.  I will post my progress.  In the meantime, enjoy some rugs from my hooking buddies from last Wed. at Porter Library.

This lovely sunflower rug was hooked by Leah Trainer
Katie Allman, an Ohio gal

Kaye is the hooker for this beauty, not sure on the designer, she said it is one of her frst rugs she hooked.

These are a bit out of order but this is the rug Leah is working on now.
"Lil' Tole Runner"
Lanna Omlar, an Ohio gal

Wholy Guacamole!  You really have to see this beauty in real life, it is gorgeous!
Hooked original by our new hooking friend Jane
These oviously are her two lovely dogs, didn't she do an awesome job!

Another wonderful rug hooked by Jane, she hooks in a 9-10, her choice of colors are wonderful and right up my alley.
Jill Peterson

Ok, I know you're thinkin, but Lisa, this isn't primitive.  Well, not all of our friends hook in wide cuts with dark colors, that's what makes this group so wonderful.  This rug was hooked by Deanna from a workshop they took with Deanne Fitzpatrick in Nova Scotia last Fall.  It is quite cheerful.  She is hooking it for a friend.  I thought it wold be cute hanging in a shower house by the pool, if I had one.

Another wonderful hooked piece, forgive me but she seldom hooks when I am there and her name has left me.  My apologies.

Mitsuko just finished hooking this beautiful rug in shades of green.  I do know this is an adaptation of an antique rug. 
She has yet to bind it.

Proud to be an American..............citizen
Yep, that's right, our friend Mitzuko became an American citizen last summer and in honor of this,  she hooked this wonderful rug to remind us all to be thankful we are Americans and have a life of freedom.  Congrats Mitzuko, well done my friend.

An last but not least, another hooked rug by Jane.  The hooking on this baby is veryyyy wide, I think she said a 9.5 or maybe 10, anyways, it gorgeous.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hooking at Porter Library

We all got together at the Library last night to hook.  We have the BEST group of girls, period!  We had hot Minestrone soup and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, yum!
Here are a few rugs to show you.....enjoy!

This is Carol's rug, always exciting to see what she's working on.  This is an antique rug design.  Look at the cool technique she used on the bird to add lots of demension.  LOVE IT!!

Karin just finished this rug, OH my, the colors are scrumptious as usual.  Great job Karin!

Holy Guacamole!  This is my Mom's rug, I think it speaks for itself.  Will keep you all posted on this baby!

This is Lauren's rug she's been working on.   I am so sorry that the blue floor takes away the true colors of this fantastic rug.  Lauren is hooking this lovely in a 9.5 cut.  I keep hinting around to her how I would really love to have a blade for my Townsend in this size,  lol.

From left to right, Arlene, Lauren, Deanna and Polly.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Hidden Den' Christmas Open House

Oh what a wonderful day we had at the Hidden Den Open House today.  I almost didn't go due to waking up with a migrane, (weather change) but that's what drugs are for.  Anyhoooo, Mom and I went and met Kaye and her friends Elaine and Tina.  This shop moved from it's original place???? to this wonderful barn in Salem, Ohio.  OMG, as soon as I opened the door I knew it would be great.  The pictures are a bit out of focus because I was trying to hurry and not let the shop owner see me.  I found a great old noodle board for my stove and we all bought this cute little pine topiary trees that I will point out later. 


Kaye, trying to find that perfect primitive.....

Tina, Mom, Elaine and Kaye plugging in little grungy lights to see if they work.... they're always thinkin!
Oh, see the little pine topiary in the foreground, these are the ones we all bought.

My son's new bed if he comes back home to live, just kiddin.......

I tried to tell Kaye to bring her laundry in before it rained, did she listen........

Tammy (shop owner) on the left and Debbie..........

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reindeer Reproduction Hooked Rug

Hello and happpy Sunday, gosh where did the week go?  Yesterday my Mom and I went to the Simple Goods show and it was fantastic.  I think it has been the best one yet.  Even though it is so crowded, it is so inspirational.  Lots of really cool primitive vendors.  I bought just a few items, nothing to write home about but will make great little gifts for Christmas.  Then we headed on up to Walnut Creek in Amish and had a wonderful lunch at Rebecca's.  We had an amazing pumpkin and apple soup, OMG!!!  If anyone has a recipe for this, PLEASE, let me know ASAP.  Then we ended the day with a stop in Berlin to a few of our favorite shops.  I finally picked up Maggie Bonanomi's new book, she is amazing!!!

I wanted to show everyone the rug I just finished and will be putting on Ebay this evening.  It is a reproduction of an antique rug, what else.  I really love this rug and the' cush'  it offers when stood on, oh my!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tennessee Hearts~ For my dear friend Lauren

This is Tennessee Hearts~ A adaptation of an antique rug that Barbara Carrol of 'Wooley Fox"owns.  The second I laid eyes on it going up her staircase I knew I had to hook it.  I snapped this photo of it real quick before dinner per Lauren's request.  You see, the first time I met Lauren, I was hooking this rug.  All the strips are hand torn, my goodness they have to be a 10-11 cut.  It was really a fun rug to hook, it hangs in my living room and I don't think I could ever part with it.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wynter 1897 rug and Blood donation DENIED!!

Ok, I know this is really weird to put both of these into one post but I just had to. Just a bit of background and I promise, I WILL be brief. When I was a young woman (18), part of me feeling independent was to donate my blood to the Red Cross. I took myself down there only to be told, "honey, you need it more than we do". You see I was a whopping 107 lbs at the time so I did not meet the weight requirements. Well time went by and I do mean LOTS of time, I worked on getting my weight up, he he, I am now 46 and have always wanted to donate blood but just never found the time. So I logged onto the Red Cross website about a month ago, scoped out where they would be and made an appointment. So I waltz myself over to the hospital this afternoon feeling really good about this only to be DENIED again. For crying out loud, now my blood pressure it too high. What the heck.....I'm feeling a bit bummed so thought I would come home and share this with you all and a rug I just finished, so enjoy, especially my dear Kaye...


Here is the rug I just finished, inspired from the infamous Santa and reindeer rug everyone has grown to love....

I listed it on ebay this evening

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brand new blog, brand new beginning....

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have thought long and hard on whether or not I really need to start a new project like my 'own' blog. I have so enjoyed visiting others blogs like 'Rugs and Pugs', 'Plum Run Creek', "Olde Glory', 'Not Forgotten Farm' and the list goes on and on. I start my day with these and travel on over to any other followers of theirs and before you know it.... well you all know how it is, right? The inspiration they have given me alone is amazing and worth the hours spent behind this 20" monitor.

I love primitive style rug hooking with nothing smaller than an 8 cut and that is even rare since I don't like detail(usually 9 cut in most rugs) and dark jewel colors are my go to wools.  I have joined various rug hooking 'groups' to meet and learn from other hookers. I love to talk about wool, dyeing and new patterns to add to my 'to hook' list, and there are many. I so appreciate the time these folks have put in to create such groups, for I would not have met some great friends like my buddy 'Karin', so for that I am grateful.

I hope to show everyone what I am currently working on from time to time with my most recent finished rug today.  Enjoy!!

Until next time, wish me luck on this new endeavor!


An adaptation of an antique rug...

I took this photo with my android phone, I think I will use my camera for the next photos because the true shades in this rug are not represented well.