Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hooking at Porter Library

We all got together at the Library last night to hook.  We have the BEST group of girls, period!  We had hot Minestrone soup and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, yum!
Here are a few rugs to show you.....enjoy!

This is Carol's rug, always exciting to see what she's working on.  This is an antique rug design.  Look at the cool technique she used on the bird to add lots of demension.  LOVE IT!!

Karin just finished this rug, OH my, the colors are scrumptious as usual.  Great job Karin!

Holy Guacamole!  This is my Mom's rug, I think it speaks for itself.  Will keep you all posted on this baby!

This is Lauren's rug she's been working on.   I am so sorry that the blue floor takes away the true colors of this fantastic rug.  Lauren is hooking this lovely in a 9.5 cut.  I keep hinting around to her how I would really love to have a blade for my Townsend in this size,  lol.

From left to right, Arlene, Lauren, Deanna and Polly.....


  1. Lisa, it was good to see everyone again last night. We do have a nice talented group of girls!
    Lauren's rug sure is coming along great, and your momm's rug is absolutely beautiful. Carole always does something different to her rugs to make them special. We didn't get a picture of your pillow, have you been working on it today?
    Have a great day, Hugs

  2. Hi Karin,
    No I haven't worked on it yet today. I have been cleaning and doing laundry, my only day off and someone has to do it, lol. I hope to sit down tonight and work on it.

  3. Lisa ~
    It was so good seeing everyone last evening. I do look forward to my hooking nights. There is so much talent in that room! Please keep us posted on your pillow.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. what a beautiful group of rugs!

  5. ALL the rugs are beautiful. I love seeing other people's works of art. Must be so nice to get together every now and then....especially for that cheesecake...yummy

  6. I found your blog!! At first I had tons of guilt for not seeing it before, then I read further and realized I'm only a month or so behind. For me, that's not too bad!! First,let me say you're doing a great job. Love all the pictures! And second, your mom and I are doing the same rug, except she's 5,000 times further along! I'm hope to hook with you guys more often -- now that winter is here I should have more time.

  7. Hi Andrea,
    Glad you found me. We missed you the other night but hope to see more of you soon. I did make a comment on your blog about Mom hooking the same rug. Remember though, she is hooking in a nine and she is retired sooooo. Yours is coming along nicely, can't wait to see an update.

  8. All you gals are hooking great rugs, can't wait til I can hook with everyone again. This is such a fun group and inspiring!!!

  9. Great rugs! Thanks for sharing I loved them all. You are so lucky to have a group.

  10. Loved your mom's rug with the sheep and sunflowers. Is the pattern available for sale? I have students that would love the pattern. Anita

  11. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments girls, some of you wanted to know the designer, Joanne Gerwig