Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tennessee Hearts~ For my dear friend Lauren

This is Tennessee Hearts~ A adaptation of an antique rug that Barbara Carrol of 'Wooley Fox"owns.  The second I laid eyes on it going up her staircase I knew I had to hook it.  I snapped this photo of it real quick before dinner per Lauren's request.  You see, the first time I met Lauren, I was hooking this rug.  All the strips are hand torn, my goodness they have to be a 10-11 cut.  It was really a fun rug to hook, it hangs in my living room and I don't think I could ever part with it.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wynter 1897 rug and Blood donation DENIED!!

Ok, I know this is really weird to put both of these into one post but I just had to. Just a bit of background and I promise, I WILL be brief. When I was a young woman (18), part of me feeling independent was to donate my blood to the Red Cross. I took myself down there only to be told, "honey, you need it more than we do". You see I was a whopping 107 lbs at the time so I did not meet the weight requirements. Well time went by and I do mean LOTS of time, I worked on getting my weight up, he he, I am now 46 and have always wanted to donate blood but just never found the time. So I logged onto the Red Cross website about a month ago, scoped out where they would be and made an appointment. So I waltz myself over to the hospital this afternoon feeling really good about this only to be DENIED again. For crying out loud, now my blood pressure it too high. What the heck.....I'm feeling a bit bummed so thought I would come home and share this with you all and a rug I just finished, so enjoy, especially my dear Kaye...


Here is the rug I just finished, inspired from the infamous Santa and reindeer rug everyone has grown to love....

I listed it on ebay this evening

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brand new blog, brand new beginning....

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have thought long and hard on whether or not I really need to start a new project like my 'own' blog. I have so enjoyed visiting others blogs like 'Rugs and Pugs', 'Plum Run Creek', "Olde Glory', 'Not Forgotten Farm' and the list goes on and on. I start my day with these and travel on over to any other followers of theirs and before you know it.... well you all know how it is, right? The inspiration they have given me alone is amazing and worth the hours spent behind this 20" monitor.

I love primitive style rug hooking with nothing smaller than an 8 cut and that is even rare since I don't like detail(usually 9 cut in most rugs) and dark jewel colors are my go to wools.  I have joined various rug hooking 'groups' to meet and learn from other hookers. I love to talk about wool, dyeing and new patterns to add to my 'to hook' list, and there are many. I so appreciate the time these folks have put in to create such groups, for I would not have met some great friends like my buddy 'Karin', so for that I am grateful.

I hope to show everyone what I am currently working on from time to time with my most recent finished rug today.  Enjoy!!

Until next time, wish me luck on this new endeavor!


An adaptation of an antique rug...

I took this photo with my android phone, I think I will use my camera for the next photos because the true shades in this rug are not represented well.