Friday, October 29, 2010

Wynter 1897 rug and Blood donation DENIED!!

Ok, I know this is really weird to put both of these into one post but I just had to. Just a bit of background and I promise, I WILL be brief. When I was a young woman (18), part of me feeling independent was to donate my blood to the Red Cross. I took myself down there only to be told, "honey, you need it more than we do". You see I was a whopping 107 lbs at the time so I did not meet the weight requirements. Well time went by and I do mean LOTS of time, I worked on getting my weight up, he he, I am now 46 and have always wanted to donate blood but just never found the time. So I logged onto the Red Cross website about a month ago, scoped out where they would be and made an appointment. So I waltz myself over to the hospital this afternoon feeling really good about this only to be DENIED again. For crying out loud, now my blood pressure it too high. What the heck.....I'm feeling a bit bummed so thought I would come home and share this with you all and a rug I just finished, so enjoy, especially my dear Kaye...


Here is the rug I just finished, inspired from the infamous Santa and reindeer rug everyone has grown to love....

I listed it on ebay this evening


  1. Sorry about you being denied but love the rug. I think I was 107 at birth ha.

  2. Lisa,
    Love your rug!! I've never donated blood but, my daughter has. Her and her roommate in college went and donated and they both got. really sick. I'm scared to. At least you tried LOL!

  3. My mother was turned down during WWII from donating blood because she couldn't make the weight limit. So she knitted gloves for the soldiers and was so good she could take her knitting to the movie theater and knit in the dark.

    She still knits sweaters and hats for children and donates them every year to charity. But at 87 and with depth perception gone in one way, she has to be careful about what color she knits with as she can't see if she dropped a stitch if she is using dark wool.

  4. I remember being turned down for the same reason (too skinny) back in the day! That was a long time and many pounds ago!!
    Love your snowman rug!!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. At least you are a giving person and will find a good way to help others in a different way I'm sure! I really like your adaptation of the Santa and deer rug! Clever with the snowman unstead of Santa! Very cute design and you hafta love that happy snowman! I'm working on a snowman rug I designed right now too. I need to remember to take a photo of it before I get too much further. Hope your Halloween is spooky and fun!
    Cathy G

  6. Lisa, sorry you couldn't get them to take your blood. I am so scared of needles, Jim has to be the one in our family to give blood.
    Your rug is so neat, you really should do patterns.

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