Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Hidden Den' Christmas Open House

Oh what a wonderful day we had at the Hidden Den Open House today.  I almost didn't go due to waking up with a migrane, (weather change) but that's what drugs are for.  Anyhoooo, Mom and I went and met Kaye and her friends Elaine and Tina.  This shop moved from it's original place???? to this wonderful barn in Salem, Ohio.  OMG, as soon as I opened the door I knew it would be great.  The pictures are a bit out of focus because I was trying to hurry and not let the shop owner see me.  I found a great old noodle board for my stove and we all bought this cute little pine topiary trees that I will point out later. 


Kaye, trying to find that perfect primitive.....

Tina, Mom, Elaine and Kaye plugging in little grungy lights to see if they work.... they're always thinkin!
Oh, see the little pine topiary in the foreground, these are the ones we all bought.

My son's new bed if he comes back home to live, just kiddin.......

I tried to tell Kaye to bring her laundry in before it rained, did she listen........

Tammy (shop owner) on the left and Debbie..........


  1. What a great spot. Looks like you could spend a whole day looking around that barn and still not see everything.

  2. oh that looks like a great shop to poke around in,lots of great ideas. I need to get out and about I am feeling left out.

  3. Lisa ~
    What a wonderful shop!!! Thanks so much for sharing.
    I hope to see you Tuesday!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I'm so far behind the times...the shop moved???
    oooh good, it's closer to me! will have to find out the hours and address and head on over...looks wonderful~~~

  5. Wow! What a heavenly place to visit!!! Thanks for the happy pics this morning!

  6. Wow...what a beautiful shop! Wish it were closer to me..even a 3 hour drive would be well worth it! Nice pictures, Lisa! It's nice to see Kaye so seriously shopping...LOL!

  7. Didn't we have a great time, sure hope my long john's dry today. lol. That shop is amazing.

  8. HI Lisa - Great pics of that wonderful prim shop. Looks like you girls had so much fun shopping. Those rugs are gorgeous. YOur mom's rug is breathtaking.
    Happy Thanksgiving.